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Bringing Objective Insight To Brain Health

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About Us

 Synaural is an early stage neuro-technology company which offers a patented technology with proven capability to objectively measure brain health and function. This technology can be leveraged by professionals to inform the screening and diagnosing of neurological conditions through an individuals lifecycle.

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A Brain Health Platform for All Walks of Life

Technology Capable of Measuring Brain Health

Present Stimulus

Capture Response


Complex sound (e.g. speeh) used to stimulate the brain...

...brains response recorded using proprietary dry electrode...

...response analyzed with patented algorithm to create neural signatures that depict function

The State of the Science

Our technology is based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Nina Kraus, Professor of Communications and Hugh S. Knowles Chair at Northwestern University. Dr. Kraus has authored and co-authored hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers demonstrating the correlation between FFR and neurological conditions from autism to concussions. Her work has been highlighted in TIME, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and numerous other news publications.

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“EEG electrodes on the head picked up this activity, which was related to how quickly the brain was distinguishing between sounds… [training] also sped up the brain’s ability to respond to it — bringing it to more ‘youthful’ levels”

Can You Hear Me Now? Training the Brain to Hear Better

Our Team

Cristian Acosta

Founder, CSO

Cristian brings over 15 years of experience in the healthcare and technology industries. Cristian’s background includes The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), JP Morgan M&A, and LAACMA Consulting, a boutique consulting firm he founded in 2003. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School of Business and a BSE in Systems Civil Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Founder, CEO

Rob is a seasoned entrepreneur bringing extensive experience developing non-invasive medical devices. Rob has raised over $100M in research revenue from government and private investors, and developed and brought to market more than 12 products, including 6 medical devices. He is inventor or co-inventor on over 20 patents. Rob served as President of QUASAR, where he developed the world's first truly non-invasive EEG/ECG measurement suite, in addition to a broad range of practical experiences developing state of the art electromagnetic sensing systems.

Rob Mathews, PhD


Hunter Downs, PhD

Hunter Downs is expert at developing and bringing new health-related technologies to market.  He has authored numerous funding proposals and been P.I. on over $35M in awards over the last 20 years, in addition to raising several million in external investor funding to pursue and grow new ventures. He is a co-founder of Fatigue Science a technology company that combines wearable tech with biomathematical science to provide insight into sleep and fatigue to clients in the transportation and sport industry.

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